Love Sweat Bliss Hatha Flow ~Nadia’s Signature Yoga Class

“Love, Sweat, Bliss” a Spirit Filled Hatha Flow Yoga class led by Nadia Bey Jenkins of Bent Bamboo Yoga consists of a complete sequence of postures including mandala flow, set to music, linked by the breath and combined with pranayama, mudras and mantras designed to not only create purifying heat in the body and energetic changes but also to assist the student in a journey inward. Each practice begins with a deep and purposeful intention setting, breath work, and visualization and culminates in a guided deep relaxation and healing savasana with the Reconnective frequencies. Love Sweat Bliss leaves students feeling deeply cleansed and invigorated from a juicy series of purifying and liberating poses and a deeper sense of compassion and grace for oneself and others.

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