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Hosted by Coach Nadia Bey and Celebrity Trainer Mark Jenkins on the Burner Fitness app and desktop platform, the program works to strengthen both your physique and romantic relationships through exercises, visualization techniques, meditation and yoga flows. This program can be completed at home using minimal equipment and is $9 per month.

The Fit for Love program includes:

  • 36 workouts in varying levels of difficulty
  • 6 meditations
  • Workouts designed for a body transformation
  • Guidance through the program
  • Companionship through every workout
  • Support from a community of people working toward similar goals

To do the workouts from your mobile phone, download the Burner Fitness app for iPhone or Android and search for the “Fit for Love” program. To access the workouts from your desktop, click the button below.

Book Nadia live and in person to experience the truly transformative inward journey: Upwards & Onwards Forever a complete yogic journey and meditation.

Book Nadia for Yoga Nidra Trance.

Now accepting private coaching clients.

Together you and Nadia will:

· assess your life and the many facets of it,

· discover your values and what drives you forward,

· uncover your clear and concise vision for your life,

· set specific goals to get to that vision,

· be partners in accountability, and

· champion and challenge you to condition your brain for achievement, self-compassion, kindness, happiness and integrated health and wellness.

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