I, too, have struggled with feeling stuck and unfulfilled in many areas of my life including health and career.

I knew that I had the intelligence, wisdom, and courage combined with years of education necessary to make the changes I needed to. I just wasn’t sure where to begin and needed a mentor or a coach to work with me, my vision and my ideas of what I so vividly saw for myself.

After taking a Harvard Course that explored the interactive process between our genomes, brain, mind and body as well as the experiences of society within the culture in which we live, I began to discover a unique intersection between the ancient heart based philosophies including mindfulness and the 21st century’s scientific research and evidence-based studies in neuroscience, psychology and the brain, mind and health.

This transdisciplinary approach of MBHE, to learning and achievement, led by Kurt Fischer, the Director of the Mind-Brain Health and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, introduced many in the field, including myself, to the important concept of heritability.

This meant that variations among people, how well they cope with stress, how quickly they learn new skills, easily they adjust to new habits and how close they move towards or how far they move away from health and wellness, all depend on heredity and the environment- nature and nature. This awareness along with the idea of neuroplasticity, which simply translates to “we build upon our strengths”, created a revolution in the field self-development, psychology, and human achievement.

The discovery of Neuroplasticity meant that now you can actually change your brain throughout your lifetime, well into old age. Human beings follow these pathways in our brains as nerve cells are constantly looking for connective opportunities and we begin to use the same path over and over again until they become superhighways that we can then build upon to develop strengths or allow to wither and die in favor of more achievement orientated paths, allowing us to amplify the activity of certain pathways and inhibit others.

“As I rise, so do you.” – Nadia Bey

Change is inevitable.

I received a Masters of Art in Health and Wellness Coaching with a focus on Nutrition. I am a registered teacher of Yoga, certified Meditation teacher and an Integrative Health coach M. A. with 20 plus years of study in heart-based philosophies, meditation techniques, health, wellness and nutrition, the science of well-being, positive psychology, yoga, and the bioenergetic field.

I am a trained Healing Practitioner (Reconnection Level 3 ) working with the bioenergetics field and acupressure points. I teach meditation and mindfulness to individuals and groups and am coaching individuals who feel stuck and sticky, as I once did and sometimes do, and offering them tools and my firmly held belief that they are uniquely resourceful, wise, whole and have all of the answers within them.

Just as awareness around evidence-based research has increased my own self-awareness of how the brain, mind, and body work together and just as heart-based philosophies have ignited in me an experiential knowledge of the powers of the mind, self-compassion, kindness, and connection, I share them with you to increase your self awareness, self love, passion and connectedness.


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